Friday, 1 August 2014

oriental friday

i've made the big decision where i've deleted all of my old posts and starting this blog now a fresh new page in my life. 

so it's apparent in these photos that i looks like my legs have been swallowed up by the wheat. 
this is possibly my favourite skirt ever unless you count the time when i was five and wouldn't take off my fairy tu tu? the print is beautiful because i love how it's very oriental and i love the dragons on it because they remind me of dinosaurs and it's slightly more socially acceptable to walk around in a dragon skirt and not a dinosaur one.

it's so comfy and fits perfectly, i'm giving you high ratings motel!!
the down side to this skirt is the fact that it has a tendency of rising up and i'm paranoid people can see my butt.

top - missguided
skirt - motel rocks 
necklace - missguided 

speak to you guys soon xoxo

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