Tuesday, 12 August 2014

wasp attack

during the taking of these blog post photos, i was attacked by a demon wasp. literally it was on my hair, on my hand, on the camera and chasing us around until we finally left. i don't think it liked us being on it's turf, or maybe it was just attracted to my dress but who wouldn't be ay? 

i feel like i belong in the sixties with this on because it's a swing dress and it's easy to move about in. the high neck it what did it for me because i've never seen anyone in this dress before so i thought i'd be different and stand out from the crowd a little bit. i adore the pattern on it as well since it's all a bit different and a tad bit quirky despite it being black and white.

can we also take a moment to discuss how i have finally perfected the art of french braids... i can't stop wearing them now and it makes me feel like i'm back in primary school.

dress - motel rocks 
necklace - kukee
shoes - topshop

love amy xox

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